5 Reasons to Build a Detached Garage

If your home is currently without a garage, consider building a detached garage to your property. People make this decision daily, more often than not happy with the outcome of the project. Take a look below as we discuss five of the biggest reasons to add a detached garage to your home.

1.  More Space

Many people find their home is too small for all of their belongings. It’s easy to accumulate large amounts of ‘stuff’ with no particular home or place to store. The garage comes in handy when more space is needed to maintain your current lifestyle.

2.  Added Value

Homeowners love garages. Should your home be put on the market in the near future, the detached garage brings added value that increases your profits when the property sales. Always think about the future when making home plans.

3.  Safer

Detached garages are safer than attached garages, especially in the event of a fire or other type of dangerous situation.  Chemicals and other dangerous materials are separated from the one which protects everyone.

4.  Versatile

Park your car in the garage, use it as a workshop or a man cave, store tools and household items inside the garage. A detached garage gives homeowners more options than they’d enjoy when using an attached garage or without the facility at all.

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5.  Less Expense

Insurance costs decrease when a detached garage is installed on your property. Detached garages add a layer of safety against fires and other types of damages. Homeowners who wish to cut costs can benefit greatly from this addition.

If you’d like to learn more about the exciting benefits of adding a detached garage to your home, reach out to one of the phenomenal construction companies in jacksonville fl to discuss your needs. A detached garage is an addition that every homeowner deserves.