Lock it Down: Keeping Your Loads Stationary


One of the most important functions of any caster wheel is that it helps support whatever it is holding up, and that it makes the transportation and easy mobility of heavier loads and projects simple and easy.

The ability to move something heavy around freely and in any direction without having to lift it up is a boon for folks working on projects all over the world, whether they’re a hobbyist in a garage or a professional in a shop.

locking casters

Oftentimes, however, you don’t want your project to be able to move around on a dime. Sometimes, you may want it to be stationary, sitting still so you can work on something without having to worry about inadvertently making it move around. This is where a special type of caster wheel, known as locking casters, come in to save the day.

The Different Types of Locking Caster Wheels


When you need to keep something still, stationary, and sturdy, while still having the ability to move it around later, there are several different types of locking caster wheels that could be just what you’re looking for. On locking casters, the lock is built right into the wheel, allowing you to lock it easily. Some even have foot locks, enabling you to lock the wheel down with a simple step.

●    Plate-mount locking casters: When you engage the wheel on this type of caster lock, it puts pressure immediately on the wheel to safely stop the load.

●    Furniture locking casters: Used mainly for moving heavy furniture around, this lock engages by applying pressure directly to the wheel, stopping it in its tracks on a dime.

●    Dolly locking casters: There are all sorts of options for this type of locking caster. Unlike locks that apply pressure right on the wheel, this lock literally locks down the wheel, forcing it to stop any motion. These are great and safe for use in almost any industry.

When you need to move things around while still having the ability to lock it down when you want it to be stationary, one of these types of locking caster wheels might be right up your alley. Relatively inexpensive and able to work with almost any large load, they are definitely worth the investment.