Take Care of Your Teeth: Avoid an Extraction

Taking care of your teeth is important. You don’t get a second chance at a great smile or healthy teeth. The way that you brush and floss your teeth, the foods that you eat and the drinks that you consume all impact the health of your teeth. While Dentists only pull teeth when all other options fail, you are certainly at risk of a tooth extraction colorado springs in worse case scenarios.

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Most common reasons dentists extract teeth:

·    Gum disease

·    Tooth decay

·    Impacted teeth

·    Overcrowded teeth

·    Broken teeth

There are many other causes of extractions, but those above are most common.

It is important that you follow a proper oral care routine to keep your teeth healthy and white. Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body; certainly worth protecting. The most important step you can take to protect your teeth is to brush and floss twice per day. Use fluoridated toothpaste and gently brush the front and back of your teeth.

Visit the dentist twice per year, per ADA recommendations. Dental exams spot oral health concerns before they become problematic, reducing the need for extractions. Dentists also offer teeth cleaning during the visits, which removes plaque, tartar and other grime from the enamel. Consume natural fruits and veggies and avoid sugars as much as possible. Whether it’s a chocolate bar or a glass of soda, it damages the enamel on the teeth.

Additionally, always protect your teeth. Wear a mouthguard during sports and other physical activity where tooth damage can occur. Mouthguards are sold at sporting goods stores and online and do not cost a ton of money. They provide thorough tooth protection when it’s needed the most, reducing a broken or chipped tooth.